Shot in the arm for women, youths, SMEs

Capitalk Reporter/The Herald |  2 months ago | uncategorized

President Mnangagwa has directed stakeholders in the public procurement cycle to

implement measures such as quotas that will ensure the inclusion of youths, women, and

SMEs so that they also grab vast opportunities that have been availed by the Second Republic

in public entities across all sectors of the economy.

This comes as his administration has taken a revolutionary decision to transform the country

through the awarding of procurement contracts and tenders to local enterprises, who have in

turn become game-changers at the forefront of the rapid infrastructural development that is

taking place across the country.

Through President Mnangagwa’s awarding of tenders for mega-projects to local companies,

the modernization and industrialization that is part of the National Development Strategy 1 is

taking place at a breathtakingly fast pace nationwide, creating employment and wealth for


Officially opening the inaugural Public Procurement Conference and Awards Ceremony,

which was hosted by Buy Zimbabwe Trust in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said

public procurement is a vital cog to transformational development and should be used to lift

ordinary people from poverty to prosperity.

He said his Government is committed to the promotion of inclusive public procurement to

help Zimbabweans start, build and grow viable businesses.

President Mnangagwa added that The Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe

(PRAZ) must therefore refine the procurement policy and procedures to attract and ensure

long-term commitment by investors, while playing a catalytic role in the broader national

development agenda.