Foolery, myths and misconceptions… the bane of STIs.

Capitalk Reporter/ Valeria Mhandu |  1 month ago | uncategorized

First shot, second shot, more shots, blurred vision. Each shot made me want more of the sweet, thick, and creamy liquid and showed the motive of being at the pub, the exit door, and yes, the motive to leave. Stumbling but still craving for the end-product of the marula fruit, I kept having the shots.

I could not remember what transpired last night. Had I not been warned, I would have blamed my mates. Here I was wide awake, not having even a piece of clothing on my body in a strange but nice room, and the only light that was beaming in the room was that of the sunrise that found its way into the room through a window that was almost equal to the wall of the room.

I tried to gather what had just transpired, but the sound of my phone disturbed me, and I quickly answered, only to receive an order from a stranger, telling me to get ready to be ferried to my house in 30, yes 30 minutes.

I had turned 21. Not only that, I also turned out to be wild. My pride was gone; I did not even know who took it. I was afraid. Not that I was no longer a virgin, but the first thing that came to my mind was, what if the person that deflowered me enjoyed the 'fruit' without protection? I was going to be a mom, but a mom without a dad by her side, and the thought of sexually transmitted diseases flashed I screamed my lungs out.

I quickly remembered my best friend, and as always, I asked for help. Instead of directing me to the hospital, she gave me the news that made me sigh in relief. It was so easy.

As per her orders, I rushed to the bathroom, and I was more than happy to find the perfect remedy that she told me about. Dettol kills 100% of germs. I grinned as I stretched my hand to take the yellow soap. It seemed the owner had just removed it from its package, the green paper, which had good news written on it.

I smiled as I read the statement. I quickly opened the shower and washed my private parts for a minute and a half with the soap before taking a proper bath. I left the bathroom satisfied that I had killed all sexually transmitted infections that I might have gotten from the stranger. Those who practice unprotected sex are holding on to foolery beliefs that douching reduces the chances of getting STIs.

Does washing of private parts and douching after unprotected sex reduce the chances of getting sexually transmitted infections (STI)? Does circumcision provide immunity to STIs? How about urinating after sexual unprotected intercourse? Does it cleanse one of HIV, Chlamydia, and viruses?

Above are foolery myths spread by practitioners of unprotected sex. Douching is the spraying of female genitals with water after unprotected sex. It increases the chances of contracting STIs and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Water acts as an enzyme and catalyzes our chances of contracting infections.

Studies reveal that most viruses are activated by water. Men also wash their genitals after having unprotected sex. Nevertheless, this won't reduce the chances of contracting an STI. According to research, STIs are passed from one person to another through fluids. These are transmitted to the body cells during sexual intercourse.

Therefore, washing the genitals may fuel infection. Infections like Chlamydia and HPV take time for symptoms to be revealed. For men, it may take a week, whilst it may take a year for women, owing to the menstrual cycle. Some believe urinating after unprotected sex pushes out sexual infections.

Viruses would have already entered body cells.

Furthermore, one cannot push the virus out of one's body through urine unless they drain all fluids, including blood. Others believe circumcision prevents one from contracting an STI. Nevertheless, male circumcision only reduces the chances of contracting an STI.