Muzinda gets a US $100 000 sponsorship.

Capitalk Reporter |  1 year ago | sport

It seems doors are opening for US-based Zimbabwean female motorcross rider Tanya Muzinda after she secured a sponsorship deal worth over US $100 000 from the owners of California-based company Custom Upfits, Todd and Julie Ford.

Muzinda announced the development on her Facebook page yesterday and described the sponsorship deal as her biggest so far. The sponsorship package includes two brand new racing bikes, a practice bike and a van, among other things.

"Easter is a time of hope and new beginnings! It takes years of knocking on doors, promises, disappointments, and rejections. My team secured the biggest sponsorship deal worth over 100k USD for a brand new Motovan custom-made with a garage, sleeper, half kitchen, and high tech entertainment system from Todd and Julie Ford, the owners of a California based company, Custom Upfits, Muzinda said.

Her father, Tawanda, confirmed the sponsorship package to their base in Florida, United States, and said it will give his daughter a major lift this season.

The announcement of Muzinda’s latest sponsorship deal comes a few days after securing another deal with global clothing and protective gear manufacturer, Alpinestar. Alpinestar are set to dress the 17-year-old for the upcoming season. The giant motorsport gear manufacturer, founded in 1963 in Italy, provides gear for some of the best athletes in motorsport including six-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez and Rally Raid athletes, multiple ISDE gold medallists and the 2021 Dakar winner Kevin Benavides, among others.

Muzinda has been making headlines on and off the race track because of her exploits. Her passion for the sport from back home, at a young age, and managing to find her way in the male-dominated field have not gone unnoticed over the years. Her profile continues to grow and the coming on board of sponsors should spur the rider who dreams of becoming a world champion.

In 2017, Muzinda became the first female winner of a race heat in Great Britain when she competed in the British Masters Kids National Motocross Championships at Motoland Mildenhall track. It remains one of her major career highlights so far.

Muzinda moved to the United States in 2019, hoping for better opportunities as she pursues her dream of becoming one of the top motocross riders in the world. Muzinda dominated local competitions, mostly competing with boys, and her move to the United States is also expected to give her the competition she needs to attain her goals.

Last year, she competed in the Bartow Motocross Championship Series in Florida, where she won a number of races in the 125cc class, racing against both men and women.