Call for accident free holidays

Capitalk Reporter |  3 months ago | local

The traffic industry has launched the Easter and Independence road safety campaigns following a meeting hosted by the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe. The campaign highlights the importance of road safety and the need for everyone to avoid reckless behaviour in order to achieve an accident-free Easter and Independence celebrations this coming long weekend.

The Vehicle Inspection Department, the Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation (ZPTO), the Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO), the Greater Harare Association of Commuter Omnibus Operators, Ace Ambulance Services, and the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe also attended the launch ceremony. The organizations that attended the event agreed that reckless behaviour by people who chose to be dangerous and infringe on others' rights is a serious threat and contributor to road accidents.

Mr. Kura Sibanda, head of Zimbabwe's Traffic Safety Council, believes it is important to emphasize the importance of road safety as the country prepares for Easter and Independence Day celebrations.

He predicted that increased traffic volumes on the highways and across land borders with neighbouring nations would occur during the approaching Easter and Independence holidays, and he asked all road users to exercise caution and follow the regulations of the road.

Dr. Sam Nanhanga, chairman of ZPTO, stated that increased coordination with others in the transportation sector is required to ensure road safety.

According to Dr. Nanhanga, their organization opposes speeding, driver overwork, the use of unroadworthy vehicles, and overloading. The Chairman also said that they will continue to encourage people to follow the rules of the country and advise passengers not to use mushikashika, as well as having the ability to report bad driving to law enforcement agents.

Dr. Nanhanga urged Zimbabwe's Traffic Safety Council to help the traffic industry with self-regulation and road accident funds to recompense victims of accidents.

Mr. Martin Musengezi, VID's deputy director, advised motorists and the general public to be cautious throughout the holiday. He recommended motorists to inspect their vehicles before embarking on a trip and the general public to travel early to minimize delays.

Mr. Zivanayi Thore expressed similar concerns, stating that they have hired VID to inspect the buses and kombis at the deport level before they leave.