Capitalk Reporter |  4 months ago | local

Harare Officer in Charge, Harare Remand Prison, and Chief Superintendent Charles Nyamasoka, says Harare Central and Remand Prisons have more inmates than they can hold.

Nyamasoka said Harare Remand Prison, which has a holding capacity of 900, currently has more than 1300 inmates awaiting finalization of their cases pending cases at the court.

He said some inmates are suffering in the holding cells due to a lack of funds to pay bail, and urged family members not to abandon their loved ones in the cells.

"All suspects can apply for bail, and the increasing number of inmates at Harare Remand Prison is a clear indication that they failed to pay bail. We are urging people to stand with their relatives in good and bad times," said Chief Superintendent Nyamasoka.