Exhilarating performances at Major League show

Capitalk Reporter |  5 months ago | local

Rousing, organised and well-choreographed show! These are some of the words to describe the return show of South Africa-based disc jockey duo, Major League, held at the Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare, over the weekend.

The light rain (drizzle) could not even disturb the duo from putting up a scintillating show in front of hundreds of fans who thronged the venue. The Major League who are known as “Amapiano Royalty” last came in November for their maiden show though it was later affected by the Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. The duo and organisers later promised a “compensatory concert” to their fans who could not make it to the show due to the restrictions yet had already bought the tickets. Three months later, the duo returned with high energy as they shut it down at the Race Course. Someone had suggested that based on the crowd at the venue, it was not the right crowd based on the fact that they might not know the music genre “amapiano”, since most of them were from the ghetto suburb. But the crowd proved the critics wrong as they could dance and sing along during the concert.

It seems the amapiano genre has already evaded the locals to the extent of fusion it with other genres such as Zimdancehall and gospel among others. The show started off around 1pm with local acts such as Langton B, Enzo Ishall, Butler, Dj Klique, Fantan, Levels and Mc Tatts among others. For the compensation part, fans entered the show for “free” from 1pm to 4pm and it was chaotic as people from all walks of life jostled for the freebie show. From 4pm those who did not want to catch the early bird and try their luck then had to queue. The show attracted some of the local socialites and celebrities. But it seemed now it was more of a battle and difficult to judge who ruled the roost. The Zimdancehall fans could easily say it was the Fantan, Levels and Enzo Ishall performances that stole the show.

Enzo Ishall battled it out tune after tune from his discography, which left the crowd in awe. Then when Fantan went on stage, the crowd went into a frenzy mood. With his sidekick, they played some of the hit songs in the Zimdancehall tune from different artists.

It became emotional when they had minutes to dedicate to the late Soul Jah Love, Ginimbi and Scara the drummer. In an interview with Infinity Sky Entertainment communication executive, Dumisani Chihoto, said all went according to plan despite the rains disturbing. “The South African outfit jetted in on Saturday afternoon and they had to rest for a few hours before going on stage. It was a humbling experience, considering that they were just coming from mourning their friend hip-hop star Riky Rick.

Everything according to plan and we were shocked by the turnout of the local fans. We are not stopping here as next month we have another big regional artist coming too. The show was also an opportunity for the local acts to showcase their talents and share notes with regional stars,” he explained