Kambuzuma, Warren Park battle sewer bursts

Blessings Chidakwa |  1 year ago | local

A health time bomb is looming in Harare’s high density suburbs of Kambuzuma and Warren Park which have become sewer burst hotspots.

Most high density suburbs are experiencing recurring sewer bursts.

A snap survey showed that in Kambuzuma, sewer has become a common site in Domboshava Crescent in the suburb’s Section 2.

In Warren Park, houses opposite the Total Service Station, sewage overflow is also a common feature.

Kambuzuma, Warren Park battle sewer bursts

At both sites, raw sewage was observed flowing in the backyards and streets, exposing both adults and children to health hazards.

In an interview on December 2 last year over the sewer bursts at the same sites, Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said: “We are fixing all problem areas and encouraging residents to report any bursts for quick response.”

Six months later, the situation is still the same with residents battling the same sewer bursts.