Model lambast domestic violence perpetrators

Capitalk Repoter |  8 months ago | local

Model and video vixen Wadzanai “Vhudzijena” Mangoro has lambasted perpetrators of domestic violence and urged victims to speak out. The 19-year-old also bemoaned a patriarchal society which does not value roles of women. Her campaign coincided with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.

In an interview, the beauty queen described her campaign through a story of a young lady who was emotionally abused. 

“The story is about a 27-year-old old man who impregnated a 15- year-old girl. “He promised to love her so that he won’t get arrested and after she moved in with him, she discovered that her husband was a ”drug addict” but the poor child couldn’t turn back.

“She was now stuck with that man and she delivered her bouncing baby boy, her started to emotionally and physically abuse her whenever he takes the drugs,” she said. Wadzanai said several women are being abused but remain quiet.

“Most women are being abused and they fail to raise their voices. “This month is meant to raise awareness and I am also campaigning against whoever is a perpetrator of domestic violence.

“There are so many victims of domestic violence and are afraid to heads up to tell their story because they are threatened with death,” she added.