Youth Council calls for an end to child marriages

Capitalk Repoter |  11 months ago | local

Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) has called on the Government, private sector and civil society organisations to come together and take decisive action in the fight against rampant child marriages. Board chairperson of the Council Ms Chieza Juru said they are concerned with the growing reports of child marriages in the country perpetrated by harmful cultural and religious practises. Recently, a 14-year-old girl Anna Machaya died at a Johanne Marange shrine while giving birth, signifying the painful effects of child marriages. 

“Child Marriages are detrimental because they violate girls’ rights to health and education. Girls’ bodies are not mature enough for marriages and reproduction leading to serious health risks that could lead to deaths. “It is against this backdrop that ZYC calls on Zimbabweans to intervene and protect our girls from losing their lives. We call on the police to continue playing heir crucial role and efficiently to protect girls fr0m child marriage and abuse,” she said.

Girls usually complete their primary school education when they are between 12 and 13 years old, a time when their bodies are not fully developed to carry a pregnancy, let alone go into labour.