First Lady rolls out projects for sex workers

Capitalk Reporter |  11 months ago | local

FORMER commercial sex workers in Hatcliffe, Harare, shed tears of joy on Monday when First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa rolled out detergent-making and rabbit-rearing projects as part of her social rehabilitation and empowerment drive

The intervention came barely two weeks after the First Lady had asked them what they needed so that they leave the world’s oldest profession, which exposes them to diseases and the risk of being gang-raped and murdered.

So passionate about women empowerment is the First Lady that she recently met with commercial sex workers from Mbare, Hatcliffe, Waterfalls and Domboshava. Her aim is to rehabilitate and economically empower them through various projects.

She has set up similar projects in various communities countrywide for the benefit of women.This comes at a time when Amai Mnangagwa is running various programmes like Nharirire and Gota/Nhanga/Ixhiba to promote good morals and ensure people live in harmony and with respect.

Addressing the women yesterday, the First Lady praised the former commercial sex workers for their zeal to start income-generating projects and implored them to remain united. “I have come back my children so that we roll out some of the projects that you said you wanted to do.

I want to thank you for the zeal to want to start these projects. “We are now a family and we do not want those who quit. Let’s remain united for the success of our projects.

Those who said they wanted to rear rabbits, ndakamhanya-mhanya through my Angel of Hope Foundation and sourced these rabbits.

I have brought them for you,” she said. The First Lady said she also ran around looking for those with expertise in detergent-making and implored the women to take notes so that they grasp the concept. “My desire is for you to leave the streets and bars and use your hands to raise your families.

“I want you to call me later and show me what you would have achieved. Do not go backwards vanangu. As groups, I want you to meet regularly and share ideas


This demands commitment and unity so that your minds are put together,” she said. A committee will be set among the members and they will be assisted by social workers working with the First Lady to come up with a constitution.

Experts in making detergents who accompanied the First Lady, taught the women how to make dishwasher, pine gel and toilet cleaner, among other detergents. The women were given the products they made to sell as starter packs.

Making some of the detergents can take only 10 minutes, making it easy to generate income over a short period of time.

The women sang, danced and ululated with happiness at the mother of the nation’s quick response, promising to reform and use their hands to earn clean money. The women said they intend to keep the projects running and even expand them

. “I am grateful for what our mother has done. When she met us as sex workers, she asked what we wanted and we asked for income-generating projects. “She did not take long before delivering on her promise.

Our group is into rabbit-rearing and today we got the rabbits. We love rabbits because they multiply faster,” said the 33-year-old mother of three while beaming with pride. Another 43-year-old former commercial sex worker who has two kids aged 28 and 22 who chose detergent-making, could not hide her joy and said she was excited by the speedy response she got from the mother of the nation.