Start Up Capital

With an endless horizon of topics ranging from business, lifestyle, politics, sports and more; we have your daily morning fix on all things of relevant!

Be informed, entertained, challenged and rewarded by the Number 1 breakfast show in Harare hosted by Tari Anne Manamikeevery Friday from 0600-0900hrs

Capital Crunch

The Capital Crunch is your Mid-morning magazine show that bridges the gap. Life is unpredictable, but having a safe place to discuss the ups and downs and great music can make all the difference. From social issues, relationships, business, religion, domestic life & more, we discuss all things and how to handle them.


Pencil in your therapy session with Folake Saije every Friday from 0900hrs -1200hrs 

The Pulse

The rhythm and the beat of the city come alive! The Pulse unleashes the true party animal in every Hararean.

Catch up on the latest music, stories, entertainment every Friday with Uncle Jeff from 1200 to 1500.


Capitalk Drive

It’s the perfect mix of entertainmenteducation and FUN. Catch up on the issues of the day, vibe out and begin your Friday party mood with Sqkatta as he cleverly covers everything you need to know with a kick-ass playlist


Enjoy Party Radio from 1500-1800hrs